Henry Tan KC (陈金川) is a registered Real Estate Salesperson in Singapore with years of experience with ERA Singapore, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SGX Mainboard Listed, APAC Realty Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1982, ERA Singapore is proud to become the largest international real estate agency in Singapore with presence across 10 countries. We are the first real estate agency to be listed in the Singapore Exchange with a long-standing reputation as the preferred real estate brand in Singapore.

As the industry leader, we continue to set industry standards by introducing revolutionary initiatives that have allowed us to accumulate numerous accolades. Being at the forefront of the digital transformation has enabled us to remain resilient to financial crises, market downturns, and changes in real estate regulations over the years.

We remain committed to upholding our tradition of innovation and service excellence and have pledged to build a more professional and trusted real estate agency industry.

Henry’s passion, determination, integrity and excellence customer service has earned him prestigious awards of ERA Asia Pacific Top 5 New Sales Agents in 2014, ERA Asia Pacific Elite Award in 2014, ERA Million Dollar Club in 2015 and many others awards.

Apart from English, Henry can also communicate in Malay (Bahasa Melayu), Mandarin (中文), Cantonese and Hokkien Dialect.

Do call/SMS/WhatsApp/WeChat Henry @ +65 8811 7766 for your professionalized and dedicated real estate services.


陈金川(Henry Tan KC)是新加坡的注册房地产销售员,金川在ERA Singapore(新交所主板上市公司APAC Realty Ltd的全资子公司)拥有多年房地产经验。

自1982年成立以来,ERA新加坡很荣幸地成为新加坡最大的国际房地产代理商,业务遍及10个国家。 我们是第一家在新加坡交易所上市的房地产代理商,长期以来一直是新加坡首选的房地产品牌。

作为行业领导者,我们通过引入革命性举措继续树立行业标准,这些举措使我们积累了许多荣誉。 多年来,站在数字化转型的最前沿,使我们能够对金融危机、市场低迷和房地产法规的变化保持弹性。



除了英语,金川还可以使用马来语(Bahasa Melayu),普通话(中文),广东话和福建话进行交流。

请致电/ SMS / WhatsApp / WeChat 联系金川@ +65 8811 7766,获取专业有效的房地产服务。

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